Biocontrol Working Group

Biocontrol Working Group

Biological control agents help manage invasive plants beyond where we cut, pull and spray.

Purpose and Scope
The group will investigate biological control agents relevant to the mid-Atlantic region and the eastern U.S., affecting aquatic and terrestrial species and ecosystems and provide updates and status reports to the board. We will ensure that the board is kept informed of relevant research, concerns and approvals and provided with information needed to obtain and use them.

1. Provide review and current status of research on candidate biological control agents.
2. Provide land managers practical up-to date information on how to obtain and use approved biological control agents.
3. Provide the latest information on current distribution and success of available biological control agents in controlling target, non-native invasive plants at the established sites.
4. Describe potential or actual measures of damage by biological control agents to non-target plants at these sites.

For the status of host specific biological controls, check out the current report from our biocontrol working group.

MAIPC_Biocontrol Working Group – Feb 1.2016