Small Research Grant Program

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Background and Scope

The Mid-Atlantic Invasive Plant Council (MAIPC) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide regional leadership to effectively address the threat of invasive plants to the native flora, fauna and natural habitats. When resources are sufficient, MAIPC allocates funds in support of small annual research grants that further its mission. The MAIPC Board will review applications, award funding, and administer awards. For 2022, the total award amount is no more than $5,000, divided up as determined by the Committee, though this number may end up being less. The maximum award for an individual grant is also $5,000. Awards will be announced no later than INSERT DATE.

Eligibility Requirements for Applicants and Projects

The Council encourages researchers to apply. Anyone may apply whose project meets the following criteria:

  • The project must concern invasive plants within the Mid-Atlantic region (i.e., Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia).
  • The project must be empirical and hypothesis-driven research, not simply restoration or invasives management.
  • To ensure consideration, proposals must be submitted by INSERT DATE to Nathan Hartshorn, Chair, Grants Committee, at


  • The MAIPC research grant may be used in conjunction with other funding for a larger scale project. If this is the case, the proposal must describe the scope of the entire project, a detailed budget, the portion of the budget for which MAIPC award money will be spent, and why the additional grant funds are necessary.
  • No portion of the grant funds may be used to pay institutional overhead or indirect costs. Most universities will waive overhead and indirect costs under two circumstances: (a) the grant is relatively modest in size, and/or (b) the awarding institution does not allow it. If the above statement disallowing funds to be used for overhead is insufficient, the grants committee will provide additional documentation and evidence for this policy.
  • Grant funds are to be used only for supplies, equipment, lab analyses, transportation, and other necessary project-related work. Except in certain circumstances, the funds may not be used for living expenses, stipends, or per diems. If the application includes automobile mileage, it must be calculated at the current IRS per mile rate. Any equipment purchased with grant funds is understood to become property of the institution with which the researcher is affiliated.
  • Board members may apply for grants, but have to recuse themselves from voting on that round of awards.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Significance. The project must address an important problem relevant to invasive plant species occurring or potentially occurring in the Mid-Atlantic region. For example, the project could advance knowledge in the identification, ecology, prevention, management (e.g., biological, chemical, manual, mechanical, fire), reproduction, spread, pollinators, or other important issues.
  • Appropriateness of budget. A clear justification and rationale for the expenditure of the award monies must be provided. The proposed work should be accomplished with the funds requested. If additional monies or sources of funding are needed, detail on how they will be acquired should they be included.
  • Research Approach. The conceptual framework, design, methods, and planned analyses must be logical, sound, and appropriate.
  • Innovation. The proposed research should employ novel concepts, approaches or methods, and have original and innovative aims.
  • Audience. The proposal must be clear, understandable, and communicate to a wide audience, with implications for a wide range of MAIPC membership (e.g., academics, professional, private citizens).
  • Realistic time frame. The anticipated time frame for the project, including the field work portion and the compilation of results, must be reasonable and realistic. Ideally, the project should be completed and the funds used within 2 years of award date.
  • Provide a progress report to MAIPC within one month of the proposed end date of their project.
  • Provide a report* of the findings of the project within one year of completion. The format of the report will vary based on the type of project and will be mutually agreed upon by the awardee and grants committee.

    *Awardees should be aware that a synopsis of their research might be placed on the MAIPC web site. This synopsis will be of such a nature as not to preclude subsequent publication of the research.

To Apply

  • To ensure consideration, submit proposals by UPDATE THIS DATE.
  • Copy this document and delete the first three pages.
  • Throughout the form, parentheses enclose general instructions; brackets enclose areas where material should be inserted, plus any guidelines or special instructions.
    • Follow the instructions in the proposal template, and make sure to fill in all fields in brackets.
    • Remove instructions in parentheses and brackets before proposal submission.
  • Use 12 pt. font with 1-inch margins
  • Provide a running header with the following information (The application form includes a model header. If it is lost, move the required information to the header, and make sure the header repeats on every page):

[Applicant Last Name]

[Abbrev. Proposal Title]

[Page #]

  • .pdf format is preferred; if possible. combine all documents into one .pdf.
  • .doc or .docx is also acceptable.
  • Keep your application to four or fewer single-spaced pages, including the title page. Conciseness is appreciated.
  • Email the proposal as a single document to Nathan Hartshorn, Chair, Grants Committee,
  • Address any questions to Nathan Hartshorne.


[Applicant Last Name]

[Abbrev. Proposal Title]

[Page #]

[Insert Project Title]

Name of Grant Applicant:

[First and Last Name in Bold]

Name of Primary Contact (if other than above):

[First and Last Name in Bold]

Applicant Mailing Address:

[Street Address] [Town State Zip]

Email Address: [username@domain]

Telephone: [###-###-####]


[Summarize proposal for a general audience in 50 words or fewer.]
[Applicant Last Name]

[Abbrev. Proposal Title]

[Page #1]

(The following should start a new page. Keep your answers as succinct and to the point as possible. the proposal should be clear, understandable, and communicate to a wide audience and have implications for all members of MAIPC (e.g. academics, professionals, officials, private citizens.)

Project Details

Project Goals and Objectives:

[List project goals, objectives and/or hypotheses.]


[Does the project address an important problem relevant to the Mid-Atlantic region’s invasive plants and/or their biological control? Will the project advance knowledge and practice in its discipline?Does the proposed research employ novel concepts, approaches or methods? Does the proposed research have original and innovative aims?]

Budget Justification:

[Include an itemized list that facilitates understanding of the project approach and goals, and lists reasonable estimates of costs. Include information if there is matching funding. Unless it is abundantly apparent why the funding is needed, in a short paragraph, provide clear justification and rationale for the expenditure of the award monies. State whether the proposed work can be accomplished with the funds requested and, if not, explain how the additional expenses will be covered by other sources of funding.] [Describe and name any required coordination with other individuals, institutions or organizations.]


[This can be a bulleted list. Is that project a stand-alone endeavor, a stage in an on-going project, or part of a larger project? What is the organization(s)/institutions(s) for which or in which you will be doing your project? If you are a student or are not in the primary researcher/project manager for your department or institution, provide any relevant credentials of project supervisors, principal instructors, etc.]

Research Methods:

[Briefly describe your experimental design and methodology. Keep the jargon and abbreviations to a minimum and write for an educated but lay audience. Diagrams are welcome if they add clarity. Make sure it is clear how your methods, will help answer your research question. The conceptual framework, design, methods, and planned analyses must be sound and logical.

Project Timeline & Schedule:

Proposed Date work will begin: [If exact date is not known, provide month and year]

Proposed Date work will end: [Note that MAIPC requires a brief progress report one month after the end date, and a formal report one year from the end date.] [Explain the time-frame for the project: Can the project be completed and the funds used within 2 years of the award date? Provide a short timeline description of the project, especially focusing on the stages of the project that will be funded by the grant.]

How did you learn about the availability of this grant?


I [full name of grant applicant] avow that the information provided in this proposal is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Curriculum Vitae or Resume

(Attach a copy of your curriculum vitae or resume. Please keep the length under 3 pages.)